When two masterminds from different countries and completely different age groups unite – anything can happen. The result of the creative output, in this case, was so unexpected and ridiculous that it could only be deemed glorious.

When buying smartphones we also buy protective casing to prevent accidents from happening. So, why shouldn’t we be buying protective casing for our homes and cars as well? That’s why, we created a “real” (wink) website for home and auto casing, which targets millennials during important milestones in their lives, like, when they’re browsing for a new home or a car. The sole purpose of this website is to make millennials understand that insurance can be fun and playful and activate them into getting one. Find out more by watching the case video.

Copywriter: Irakli “Baski” Asatiani

Artdirector: Justus Rosenkranz

Tutor: Sudarshan Waghmare