In my second project with the Unreal Engine I created a more complex VR experience. The idea of Snowland comes from the fact, that circa half of the world’s population have never seen or experienced snow in real life. I wanted to create an immersive experience which could bring people closer to the actually thing and what you can do with it. I created Snowland in 6 weeks in the Unreal Engine for a course at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg. In the experience you have 3 different station that afford you unique interaction possibilities (there’s also a little easter egg too). Headphones are highly recommended as the sound design was also a big part of recreating the feeling of winter and snow. Decorating the Snowman: Using the props on the table, you can “dress up” the your snowman. You can select from a range of stones/coal, 2 hats, a carrot and some sticks to change the appearance of the stacked snow. Of course you can fool around and use the sticks for his hair. The idea is to explore your creativity! Throwing Snowballs: Another part of experiencing snow is through throwing snowballs! When you teleport to the next station you can find prepared snowballs nearby the 2 big snowmen. See and hear what happens when you do. Chopping Wood: The last interaction is over by the house where you can chop some wood for your fireplace (or discover the easter egg). Just give the log a good swing with the axe and the wood will be ready to keep you warm. The ideal way to try out my experience would be as location based entertainment in a big space so teleportation wouldn’t be needed. This way people could experience the walk in the snow way better. But for this prototype I a small space with teleportation works okay. Another option would be just to jump around between the spots where you can interact with props and walk around only in that areas.
But see it for yourself and download it on the “Snowland” icon above this text! (Only playable with a VR headset)

Artdirector: Justus Rosenkranz

Tutor: Philip Wogart