From the LAVAL VIRTUAL Hackathon

This trailer is WIP since we had to create it in a timespan of 30 min. after being 35 hour awake.

Affinity was a project our team created during the hackathon in Laval. We had to create an experience in 30 hours in which people experience disabilities to understand them better. With our experience we wanted to show the difficulties of having a disability at the workplace with giving the player 3 simple tasks: pulling, carrying and throwing. These simple tasks had to be done at first without a handicap, but in the next stages of the experience the player always gets another disability (not adding to the old disability. Just the change of one factor). The tasks could be adapted to a range of handicaps. For the prototype we decided to have the disability of (non robotic) hand prosthesis and tunnel-vision. Our experience got the (inofficial) second place.

P.s.: Maybe you were wondering why there was a pink heel in such a serious experience: At midnight every team got randomly an (physical) object assigned they somehow had to implement in the game. We got a pink heel. We threw it over the head of the jury members when their turn was to throw it in a trashcan. (And I broke it before anybody else touched it)

Artdirector/Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja, Justus Rosenkranz

Tutor: Philip Wogart