Prototype 1:

For the first prototype the idea came up to create a data analysis installation with some cool look to it. We took quadratic tiles from an artist and created the motion tiles wall. The idea is to creat data out of the speed the people walk up the stairs, paired with lights that turn on as soon as you walk by. The data was than shown at the end of the installation and people could pick up a treat, to make up for their calories burned.

Artdirector: Justus Rosenkranz

Tutor: Sebastian Martens

Prototype 2:

For the second prototype we created an VR experience that connects the real world with VR. We used the programm to create a web base VR experience in which we could also implement own code. The code targeted a light ring on which one light was turned on and off, depending on which cube you clicked/gazed. The bigger idea was to create an escape room which connects Vr to the real world to solve puzzles.

Artdirector/Creative Technologist: Katharina Binder,  Justus Rosenkranz

Tutor: Mathias Becker, Kevin Eschweiler